In 2006, three Pacific Northwest universities (U. of Washington, Central Washington, and Western Washington) started competing against one another under the name The Collegiate Bouldering Series. This humble beginning laid the framework for what is today one of the largest collegiate competitive series in the country. In 2008, the series expanded to eight leading regional universities with state-of-the-art climbing centers and was re-branded the Northwest Collegiate Climbing Circuit or NC3.

Each year NC3 events are held across the region at the following institutions: University of Washington, Western Washington University, Central Washington University, Washington State University, Whitman College, University of Oregon, Oregon State University, Eastern Washington University, Portland State University and the University of Idaho. These climbing facilities combine to serve a student and community population of over 200,000 participations annually. Each year the NC3 continues to grow, and students from around fifteen northwest colleges or universities represent their schools in the circuit.

Our belief is simple, when a community supports a philosophy and mission of an organization, that organization in return represents and builds its community. The students that embrace their climbing community and want to see it grow drive the NC3. In fact, all event coordinators, student or professional staff, volunteer their time to the NC3. And while a program does stand to prosper from a large turnout, most competitions strive to just cover cost. We do this for the same reason we climb to have fun, to push ourselves and others, and to build awareness of our culture.


The NC3 Coordinators:

Dane Siegfried, WWU

Emily Abrams, OSU

Bradley Gasawski, CWU

Kristin Gloystein, UO

Nate Moody, UI

Brien Sheedy, Whitman

Claire Nelson, PSU

Arturo Galivanes, WSU

Jeremy Cox, UW

Haley Golden, EWU