As you will notice we have made some change on our Scoring and Rules page, and have changed the category grades for the Men’s and Women’s Divisions. Here is our statement regarding that change:

The NC3 is always striving to host the most competitive and equitable climbing events and each year we (as coordinators) review our methods and make necessary changes to continue this commitment. Typically, the NC3 has established category grade breaks that each host school uses for their competition to maintain a level of consistency between comps. Over the past several years, there has been a trend where it has been necessary to adjust the category score breaks to create an even spread for the women’s categories prior to announcing final scores at each venue. Most recently, this has involved using both men’s and women’s scores to determine the new women’s category score breaks. For 2016, the new category breaks make men’s and women’s scoring completely independent of each other. We have used historical data to determine the new grades for each category, and we believe that this will create a representative spread that is necessary for NC3 team scoring. The category grades for both men and women are somewhat fluid and may be changed as the need arises to adjust for team scoring requirements.

The NC3 Coordinators:
Tamara Jansen, WWU
Melissa Robertson, CWU
Elise Clausen, UI
Ann Marie Hingley, PSU
Ty Atwater, OSU
Kevin Klim, EWU
Brien Sheedy, Whitman
Dan Crowe, OSU
Matt Wagner, WSU
Garrett Genereux, UW


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