Recently the NC3 blog had a chance to interview Jessica, a Dealer Service Rep for Mountain Khakis, about her job climbing and why Mountain Khakis supports the NC3.  Be sure to check out her answers as the days until OSU’s Vert Fest count down.


NC3 Blog: What is your experience in the climbing/outdoor industry?

9 years climbing recreationally, 6 years in the outdoor industry

NC3 Blog: Favorite outdoor climbing location and why?

New River Gorge- incredible sport and trad in an amazing setting

NC3 Blog: Roll at your company?

Dealer Services

NC3 Blog: How has climbing influenced your life? The life of your company?

Personally- significantly- work, play & friends have developed as a result of climbing and I’ve seen some hidden gems across the country and beyond. The company – a good bit through grassroots events and partnerships.

NC3 Blog: Why does your company support the NC3?

It’s a great opportunity to support a fun event and spread the word about Mountain Khakis products and culture.

NC3 Blog: How about other hobbies or things that you would like to share?

Trail Running, Hiking, Mountain Biking

NC3 Blog: Advice to young climbers?

Stay safe. Get educated and climb with people who know how to climb safely. Then push yourself!

NC3 Blog: Where and how can NC3 Athletes support your company? Where do we buy your stuff?

Partner with local retailers via events and informal clinics, know the product well enough to spread the word about it.

NC3 Blog: Who are some sponsored athletes that NC3 Athletes should follow and learn from?

Learn from athletes who learn how to partner with and develop successful companies. As an athlete, it is easy to be single minded and only focus on your personal goals. In order for the sport and a career to be sustainable, athletes need to learn how to approach their sport from a lot of different directions- marketing, volunteering, sales, etc.


Thanks Again Jessica and Mountain Khakis for your support of the NC3 and our student athletes.


The NC3 Blog


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