Second in our multi-part series Better Know a Sponsor.  This week we sat down with Jamie Owner and Operator of Crimp Chimps custom chalk bags.

NC3 Blog: What is your experience in the climbing/outdoor industry?

Director of sales and marketing at The Spot Gym in Boulder, CO. Owner/Operator at Crimp Chimps.

Crimp ChimpsNC3 Blog: Favorite outdoor climbing location and why?

Toss-up between Font and Hueco – love the stellar natural features and beautiful lines.

NC3 Blog: How has climbing influenced your life? The life of your company?

Everything I do pretty much revolves around climbing. It’s also made me healthier – I started climbing because I needed something new and different after breaking up with a boyfriend who was keeping me from trying new things. Now I have embraced the entire outdoor industry and cross-train in many exercise disciplines to stay active.

NC3 Blog: Why does your company support the NC3?

We have been involved with NC3 since we started sponsoring events – this is our third year and we love it. We get a ton of exposure and hear that participants in the comp series love our product, so we can’t let the people down!

NC3 Blog: How about other hobbies or things that you would like to share?

I run, take plyometrics classes, dance, take yoga classes and climb every week. I also enjoy cooking healthy meals and stay busy working a 40-hour work week at The Spot while running my company in my “spare time.” (Haha, that doesn’t exist…)

NC3 Blog: Advice to young climbers?

Climb for fun! Don’t climb to win – climb for the way it makes you feel. The best climber in the world is the one having the most fun.

NC3 Blog: Where and how can NC3 Athletes support your company? Where do we buy your stuff?

We do custom orders – there’s a contact form on our website or you can email us: We also have an Etsy page: It’s full of fun stuff right now! There are also retailers all over the country that carry our product.

NC3 Blog: Who are some sponsored athletes that NC3 Athletes should follow and learn from?

Everyone from Team Crimp Chimps! The people on our team climb at all different levels but they are all psyched about climbing and really enjoy using Crimp Chimps chalk bags. We have strong six-year-old girls, pro climbers who compete at the world cup level and older guys who climb El Cap for fun. I am so proud to have them represent my company because they’re all so positive and excited about climbing and life in general.

NC3 Blog: Are there any big projects or events that your company thinks NC3 Athletes should plan to attend in the next year?

If you have a chance to compete in the Hueco Rock Rodeo next month, it’s an amazing experience. If you can get to ABS Nationals at the end of February, you should definitely go because it’s an amazing display of the best climbers in the country. And even better, if you can get to the World Cup in Vail this June, you will not see better climbing in your life. The best climbers from all over the world come and compete on outstanding, unique problems. I judge these comps every year and am always astounded by the feats I see at these events – you won’t regret spending the time, effort and money to get to them!!

Thanks again to Crimp Chimps for sponsoring the NC3, be sure to check out their products and like them on Facebook.


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